Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Oooh I'm quite into lacy tights at the moment.
This is a cropped one, making it more hard for you to stalk who my friends are mwahahaha from my friend Jessie's birthday at Crazy Larry's a few weeks ago in Chelsea / Fulham. I wore an American Apparel (yes THAT one) dress, with a vintage, silver heart pendant, a blue leather clutch with ribbon twist and today's highlight, the lace tights.

I don't know whether it's the fact that summer is quickly approaching? Or just that I love adding a bit more to an outfit... but I actually love them, and just want to wear them with EVERYTHING, any skirt or dress, I am just finding myself buying more and more of them.

Of course Gossip Girl in it's three seasons have showed us the art of fluorescent and at times (what the fuck is on your leg) tights, with kitten heels and school skirts. But Blair honey, poke some holes in them, summer is coming and lace tights are actually so much better don't you know.

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